Ceasing Intentions

Yutang Lin

Conditional arising is subtle and wondrous beyond conceivability;
Evolution of the totality is on courses that none could control over.
Just as the more stirring the murkier it would be in a pond of water;
Ceasing self-centered intentions would at once unite all in harmony.


Deluded into attempting to change phenomena of the world,
The more stirring would only bring about the more confusion.
Simply being able to cease prejudicial grasping and preference,
The totality originally remained communicable and harmonized.

To return harmoniously into the sphere of all things,
Not to grasp to forms and create issues of all sorts.
Thought after thought without adherence to any one,
Right away there is transcendence of transmigration.

Written in Chinese on July 29, 2004
Melaka, Malaysia
Translated on August 10, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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