Unifying All Aspects

Yutang Lin

Linguistic expressions as well as scopes of view are all dualistic,
To describe boundless it takes skillful division into many aspects.
Once the key to harmonization and unification is comprehended,
One sees simultaneously in all directions and turns around lively.


In order to describe the state that is free from the dualism of subject-versus-object in terms of limited points of view and dualistic linguistic expressions, one could at most attempt to describe through division into many aspects while falling short of completion at the step of "scratching itches from outside the boot." In Buddhist teachings, in order to guide beings through skillful means, there are classifications of terminologies such as "the two feet of Wisdom and Compassion," "the three virtues of Wisdom, Compassion and Strength," "the four kinds of Great Compassion," and "the Five Wisdoms," etc. If a Buddhist were to grasp to such divisions and distinctions, then it would become difficult for the Buddhist to harmonize and unify the Buddhist theories. One should realize that the key to harmonization and unification of Buddhist teachings is to comprehend that all things are originally in limitless oneness that is free from duality. Once such a fundamental state of limitless oneness is comprehended one would see immediately that all particular characteristics of all aspects are naturally in harmonious unification.

Even tantric teachings of Vajrayana are not deviations from this principle. For example, without harmonization into oneness, the requirements of Yidam visualization: distinct, firm and Buddha pride could easily deteriorate into merely a conscious act of mental grasping that is constantly within the sphere of a mentality that is based on subject-versus-object duality. Consequently, the transcendence into non-duality could hardly arise. May serious Dharma practitioners carefully reflect on this point to comprehend the subtleties in this remark!

Written in Chinese on June 21, 2004
Translated on June 22, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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