Incomplete Comprehension

Yutang Lin


Not yet comprehended fully, biased grasping to exclusive self-righteousness.
Awakened to openness one sees how all teachings may be suitably adopted.
Variances in situations and in propensities demand skillful means of salvation.
As long as the practices help sublimate beings, all should be equally revered.


When the theoretical aspects of Dharma teachings have not been thoroughly comprehended in harmony, and one's practices lack profound experiences and insights, then one would be apt to grasp partially only certain teachings as dependable to the exclusion of the rest of Dharma teachings. Once all Dharma teachings are comprehended in harmonious oneness and one has attained openness, then one would see how all sorts of teachings and practices, as skillful pedagogical devices, are capable of helping beings of various propensities under different circumstances. Thus, one should hold them all with equal reverence and rejoice impartially in their propagation. A great ocean receives hundreds of rivers and streams; while brooks and creeks are confined by their own banks.

Written in Chinese and translated on June 18, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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