Harmonious Combination Yutang Lin

Only upon harmonious combination of all conditions is accomplishment sound.
Maintaining a grateful attitude one humbly pays respects to all one encounters.
Cultivate accommodation in one's views, interpretations and action or inaction.
As tolerance permeates all matters on hand meritorious credits are cumulating.


For any matter to be perfectly accomplished it takes all sorts of causal conditions to gather into a harmonious combination. Therefore, at any moment when we have peace and things are going smooth we should be grateful, and in daily life we had better maintain a respectful attitude toward all that we happen to encounter so as to cultivate favorable conditions. The width or narrowness of views, the stubbornness or flexibility of insistence, the choosing or renouncing of actions or inaction, and the grasping or switching of preferences could all be cultivated toward more harmonious accommodations so as to benefit universally all involved. If one could accommodate in all matters on hand, then not only could one slightly reduce suffering in the world but also might one in some cases help achieve meritorious deeds.

The view stated above stems from harmonious comprehension of matters. For a practitioner to live properly in the world such view could be carefully pondered for a beneficial insight.

Written in Chinese and translated on June 14, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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