Before Entering the Stream

Yutang Lin

Entering the stream of holiness only at the first fruit of Hinayana,
Usually the novices have not entered the stream of holiness yet.
Instead of attempting to renounce grasping to turn into holiness,
They enjoy sticking to personal preferences and remain worldly.


Before attainment of fruition position it is quite easy for a practitioner to get lost in the flow. Novice practitioners should aim at entering the stream of holiness. Constantly reminds oneself that one has not entered the stream of holiness yet so as to raise one's sense of urgency. One should make much effort in letting one's grasping flow off with the passing of time. Otherwise, one would remain stagnant in the flow of worldlings.

Written in Chinese on May 31, 2004
Translated on June 5, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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