Beyond Reflection

Yutang Lin

Aspiring toward Bodhi one would gradually become enlightened.
Renouncing this and preferring that are equally a kind of bondage.
Hundreds of ways of how people practice Dharma, but one style.
Imprisoning cells are self-knitted beyond their scopes of reflection.


The path of Dharma practices is full of deviations and delusions, regress and winding approaches. Upon careful examination of such cases one by one, one would realize that they are all due to bondage arising from self-grasping. Only when Bodhi is given priority, and grasping is immediately given up as soon as they are noticed to have arisen, could a practitioner gradually advance until full maturity. Alas! It is beyond most practitioners' scope of reflection, that they are circling within the cage of self-grasping. In order to attain fruits of enlightenment, one should practice renunciation of grasping with all one's might.

Written in Chinese on May 31, 2004
Translated on June 4, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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