Abiding in Renunciation

Yutang Lin

Pressure of worldly life arrives like waves surging to shore.
Emotional ups and downs ever recur like tides rise and fall.
Facing ocean, remains unmoved and steady like mountains,
Such Bodhicitta sprouts from genuine personal experiences.


Pressures of worldly living make renunciation for Dharma practices not easy. Some attempted such renunciation in name only, but indeed were chasing after a place for room and board. Personal feelings go up and down like waves, and are difficult to maintain balance. Even when there were no external disturbances inner confusion and turmoil would repeatedly arise. Besieged by inner and external troubles and yet remained steadfast, the only concern is the peace and safety of all sentient beings. Where is the foundation of such well-established Bodhi intention? Sincere Dharma practices and personal inspirational experiences.

Written in Chinese on April 21, 2004
Translated on April 26, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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