Sincere Intentions

Yutang Lin

Genuine loved ones could hardly stay together often, while antagonizing foes oftentimes would remain bound together. In human lives wish-fulfilled cases are scarce; looking far and wide would make it easier to traverse life safely.

Grasping to appearances would only add to sorrows; profound wisdom transcends framed situations. Propagating the ways of great compassion, one is no longer constrained by circumstances current.

High ideals are difficult to attain in practices; remain solid by adopting the simple and easy practices. Constantly try to empathize with others as if one were in their shoes, and time and again renounce one's preference to suit others' interests.

Human lives are indeed brief and transient, and yet wisdom and compassion could long spread and continue. If one could comprehend the significance of this, sincere intentions would forever prevail.

Written in Chinese on April 19, 2004
Translated on April 21, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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