Yutang Lin

Individual glory and decline in the end are all ephemeral.
Loving care limited to a few could result in much sorrow.
Turn around to see the shared predicaments of all beings.
Sublimate personal feelings into compassionate services.


When viewed in light of long-term consequences and evolutions it would be easier to comprehend the right way to conduct oneself in the world. Matters in this transient life are mirage-like, and yet with grasping increases one becomes self-limited to much sorrow. All sentient beings' situations are similar, like passengers on the same ferryboat; others' sinking will sooner or later becomes one's turn. Compassionate and universal salvation, it is the indispensable way to escape suffering and attain happiness.

Written in Chinese on April 19, 2004
Translated on April 20, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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