Yutang Lin

Worldly affairs are evolving and flowing; as grasping arose matters ensued. Theories are proposed independently; open-minded and fair are rare. Disputes lack coherence; minds in agitating turmoil. Body and mind in complete relaxation, such a path only few came near. As delusions ceased, originally it was clear and even; nevertheless, people chased after mirages. This instant is impermanent; among humans are all dramatic acts. Worldly sphere is arena of competitive games; people sunk in addiction, not knowing tire. To attain realm of right awakening, first be keenly aware of impermanence. Renounce and stay away from worldly manners, only then could one gradually wake up to a clear mind. Constantly practice repetition of Buddha's name and make prostration to Buddhas, thus cultivate the Bodhi aspiration. Engage in Dharma practices for the sake of all sentient beings, in the long run benefits will spread far and wide. May all beings approach the Buddhist path, and sentient beings enjoy eternal peace.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 14, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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