Yutang Lin

Cycling of worldly affairs sinks ever deeper.
Transient human existence, no time to waste.
Single-mindedly wish to help enlightenment.
All actions and inaction are following Bodhi.


Floating along in cyclic existence, matters of enlightenment are difficult to discern. Once got involved in worldly affairs, entanglements pulled mutually ever deeper. Besides the enlightenment path there are only karmic-bound sufferings. Human existence so transient; how could one have leisure for things other than enlightenment-related endeavors? Only wish to help beings attain awakening, all actions and inaction are in accordance with Bodhi. Having pity for others' lost in delusions, how could one fall down with them together? Wait till they are sincere and ardent, only then can they be helped through pointing and turning.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 11, 2004
After the Easter fire puja to Jesus
El Cerrito, California

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