Yutang Lin

Die a great death to await its resurrection;
Spending days doing nothing is laborious.
Instead, one recognizes limitless oneness,
And simply reduces artificiality in living.


First make the distinction of original wisdom and acquired wisdom, and then, in order to attain original wisdom one practices "dying a great death" while renouncing all endeavors. This is a very laborious and tiring approach; rarely could there be someone who had advanced far and deep into this path.

If one could see through the indivisibility of original wisdom and acquired wisdom, and comprehend the beyond-amendment nature of original wisdom, and hence spends days without personal goals but practices reduction of artificiality upon occasions, then it would be close to "practice of non-practice, practice without practicing." One needs only to adhere constantly to this approach, in the long run one's mind will naturally and gradually open up.

Written in Chinese on April 2, 2004
Translated on April 3, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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