Not to Follow Downfall

Yutang Lin

Cunning dealings could hardly win universal approval, and even
Caused simple folks to feel like withdrawing from participation.
Consequences of such downfall would yield unbearable suffering.
Don't follow entanglements thereof and depart from the right path.


In the name of high ideals cunning dealings were carried out; such practices not only stirred up indignations but also caused simple and good folks to want to withdraw from engagement. Such dealings of downfall could only be dressed up by vain words for temporary self-deceit, but eventually could hardly escape from facing fair scrutiny and its consequence of eating the sour fruits. Practitioners of good deeds should not let their thoughts follow such entanglements and become trapped in nonsense. Instead, they should dedicate their efforts without lapses toward the right path that is even and harmonious in the long run.

Written in Chinese and translated on March 29, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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