Single-minded Refuge

Yutang Lin

Human life becomes impermanent in seconds or minutes.
Refuge in Buddha's haven is neither vacuous nor illusive.
Ultimate goal is full enlightenment and salvation of beings.
Key to transcendence is to keep thoughts only on Buddha.


When one has learned that protection and salvation from Buddha is real and dependable, and has comprehended that human life could end at any instant, and as such its ending is unpredictable and unavoidable, then even though one continues to apply efforts toward the ultimate goal of reaching full enlightenment and saving all sentient beings from sufferings, one should walk on solid ground by first trying to reach the state of constantly having only the thought of Buddha's name in mind. If one could maintain only Buddha's name in thought after thought, then it will become possible to transcend the suffering of transmigration in the six realms. In order to reach this state of having thoughts only of Buddha's name, one should practice repetition of Buddha's name regularly and often in daily life, and constantly remind oneself of impermanence of life.

Written in Chinese on March 14, 2004
Translated on March 15, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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