Praise to Door Gods

Yutang Lin

With name marked in history, how many are there?
Continue to give blessing incessantly, even scantier.
Conspicuous merits accumulated in protecting King;
As tides turn democratic, safeguard ordinary people.


To the front and back doors of my house and the door to my Study for the Cultivation of Harmony are attached images of a pair of door gods, General Wei Chi Gong and General Qin Shu Bao. One stick of incense is offered in the morning and one in the evening as a token of my gratitude to their blessing of safeguard. It is already not an easy matter to leave one's mark in history; and being able to give incessant blessing to generation after generation of posterity is even rarer for people to achieve. Therefore, I wrote the gatha to praise them in respect and to illuminate their merits of guarding against evil spirits and protecting homes for people in the world.

Written in Chinese on January 30, 2004
Translated on February 2, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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