Passing by

Yutang Lin

White-hair couple, hand in hand, walked slowly in small steps;
Closely leaning on each other, shared fate bound by loving care.
In contrast I thought of many grudging pairs that I've prayed for;
How many lives of good deeds yielded them such nice marriage?


While driving I noticed in passing an old couple walking on the sidewalk; hand in hand and closely leaning on each other, in small steps they walked slowly side by side. Naturally a sense of "shared fate born of mutual dependence" arose from such a sight. In contrast I thought of the various kinds of relationships existing between grudging or fighting couples that I have prayed for harmonious resolution; I couldn't help admiring their good fortune to have such a nice marriage that they can get old together with love for each other, and wondering how many lives of accumulated good deeds have yielded them such wonderful result.

Written in Chinese on January 14, 2004
Translated on January 23, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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