Pure Dharma Connection

Yutang Lin

A Dharma friend of many years had just realized today
That pure Dharma connection is luckily preserved here.
Bit by bit I diligently worked for Dharma day after day;
Yearly report of statistics of my activities awoke a man.


Magura, a Polish Dharma friend, have been in contact with me for over a decade. A few years ago he translated my English book, "Crossing the Threshold of Liberation", into Polish, and arranged for 1,000 copies of it to be printed in Poland for free distribution. Today he emailed me in reply to the 2003 Dharma Activities report that I sent out a few days ago. He stated that only now did he realize how deep his Dharma connection with Yogi Chen and me was. He used to worry that his Dharma connection with Karmapa had been affected by the disputes, but today he realized that there is still pure Dharma connection preserved here, and also other important Dharma connections are also preserved here.

The importance of pure Dharma connection could be appreciated only by practitioners who had actually gone deep onto the path. Year after year I sent out a report with statistics to review my Dharma services in the passing year. This time, unexpectedly, it awoke a person. So I specially recorded it here.

Written in Chinese on January 14, 2004
Translated on January 23, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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