No Need to Hurry

Yutang Lin

Mind abiding in Bodhi, stay naturally at ease;
Beyond individual's control, no need to hurry.
All matters evaporate during passage to death;
As things are, worries are indeed self-inflicted.


A few days ago Kwok Sing and I met in Hong Kong. He told me that years ago when he returned home from attending funeral service of a relative he suddenly realized that all things do not really matter one way or the other, and hence no need to hurry.

As one is facing the juncture of life and death, all matters would naturally evaporate from the sphere of one's concerns, consequently one could recognize clearly that, whether something would constitute a matter of concern or not, and to what degree a matter of concern would weigh are all results of grasping to views or feelings.

As to seeing through that the evolution of any causal condition is beyond any individual's control, and hence no longer interested in putting efforts toward selfish aims, and furthermore, dedicating oneself to the propagation of Dharma and guidance toward awakening for all sentient beings, such a person would naturally be at ease in body and mind, and have no causes to become hurried.

Written in Chinese on January 11, 2004
Translated on January 17, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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