Yutang Lin

Meaningless characters seldom realize how they are;
Bustling about trifling but lack wisdom to seek exit.
Getting old and die, in a hurry, without relish of life,
Yet still keep stirring the dye pot to compete in woe.


Confusing black and white to inflame the multitude, creating troubles out of no matters, and yet addicted to such practices without tiring. Such meaningless life, besieged by worldly prejudices, had long since lost any zest of life but moves on mechanically. To be able to comprehend the truth of suffering as the prevalent scene in life, it is a matter that awaits awakening. With compassion for their sinking in delusions I remain tranquil in leisure.

Written in Chinese on January 1, 2004
In the air above the Taiwan Strait
Translated on January 16, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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