Knowing Others' Minds

Yutang Lin

Supernatural ability to comprehend others' intentions
Would arise only in a mind as clear as a clean mirror.
When well versed in compassionate care in daily life,
Attending to others' needs in details is more superior.


"Knowing others' minds" refers to the supernatural ability to comprehend sentient beings' intentions and inclinations. It arises naturally when a practitioner has achieved clarity of mind through concentration practices. Practicing applying compassionate intention to daily life activities, when well versed to the point of constant empathy and sincere caring into details of others' needs, would be not much different from possessing the ability to know others' minds, but would be even superior to that by its altruistic aspect of benefiting others.

Written in Chinese on December 31, 2003
After eldest son Howard's wedding
Dragons-surrounded Pavilion, The Kowloon Hotel, Hong Kong
Translated on January 16, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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