Surgical Knife

Yutang Lin

A Vajra with sharp blades yet of merciful mind,
Simultaneous triple thrust cut three poisons off.
Awe-inspiring Phurba with great mighty power,
Rejoice in eradicating roots of miserable illness.


The awe-inspiring Vajra Phurba employs a triple-blade dagger that is also called "Phurba." With one thrust of the Phurba all three poisons of Greed, Anger and Ignorance are simultaneously destroyed, just as a surgical knife removes tumors. With the compassionate intention to remove suffering and bring happiness a sharp instrument of wisdom is employed; the consequence of wisdom and compassion working in harmony is that Buddhas and sentient beings are rejoicing together!

As I am wearing a small Phurba that I just got offered, the above thoughts came up, so I put them down on paper.

Written in Chinese on December 30, 2003
Taipei, Taiwan
Translated on January 15, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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