Learning through Experiences

Yutang Lin

Confined by fixed views, one worries about success or failure;
Adjusting and training for harmony, experiences accumulated.
Reviewing after each attempt just to make new improvements;
With open mind and solid practice one learns as years gone by.


Mind grasped to certain views, then everything runs through evaluations of success or failure; consequently, one is besieged by the ups and downs of triumph or despair. Not being confined by views, then all situations become opportunities for learning how to accommodate and train one's body and mind. Thus accumulating experiences so as to improve and grow, one would naturally and gradually master the art of harmony. A Chinese proverb runs, "As one grows old, one keeps learning"; could it mean as I said above?

Written in Chinese on December 27, 2003
In the air above the Pacific Ocean
Translated on January 15, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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