Adjusting and Training

Yutang Lin

Accommodating to situations, learn to adjust to harmonize.
Developing full potentials, train all parts of body and mind.
Comprehending causes and consequences, act accordingly.
Gradually grasping harmony of phenomena, benefit beings.


During transoceanic long flights one should pay attention to the amount and kind of food and drink that one takes, and to doing gentle exercises of limbs and other parts of body. One also had better avoid wasting energies on reading or watching monitor screens. Thus one could maintain a comfortable state of body and mind. Applying this observation to life, it becomes clear that one could gradually attain harmony through adjusting and training, and then could spread the knowledge and skill to others so as to benefit all that comes into contact with one.

Written in Chinese on December 26, 2003
In the air above the Pacific Ocean
Translated on January 15, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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