Away from Entanglement

Yutang Lin

Always provide teachings adequate to recipient and situation.
Compassionate guidance aims at finally leading to liberation.
Aspiration and responses are all solely based on Bodhi intent;
Transcending worldly considerations marks genuine practice.


Some claimed that, since Buddhists should always get along with sentient beings, and benefit beings with a compassionate attitude, they should endeavor to fully satisfy others' requests or demands. If their wishes were not met, then they would blame Buddhists as being "not compassionate enough."

The real meaning of being compassionate is to endeavor to ultimately save sentient beings from transmigration in the cycles of life and death. The real meaning of getting along with sentient beings is to provide adequate teachings and guidance toward enlightenment in accordance with the situation and propensity of sentient beings. If the meaning were simply to go along with sentient beings' ignorant delusions, then the result could be nothing but being trapped together in sorrowful entanglements. Thus, how could there be any advancement on the path toward awakening? A practitioner should uphold Bodhi intentions and actions steadfastly, without being swayed off the right course by worldly considerations. Only then could a practitioner truly benefit sentient beings in the long run, and could a practitioner truly cultivate compassion.

Written in Chinese on December 9, 2003
Translated on December 11, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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