Repaying Buddha's Kindness

Yutang Lin

Having put this life into the hands of Buddha,
The profound care received gradually learned.
No way to repay but through Dharma service;
Compassionate salvation of beings as a token.


Buddha cares for fully devoted practitioners in all details. However, at the outset such profound grace could not be appreciated at once because the process of awakening is a gradual growth that takes decades and adequate blessing can be ministered only at certain junctures of spiritual maturity. For those who have realized such grace there is no real way to repay the kindness except by wholeheartedly engaging in Dharma services. Through salvation activities that are in accordance with Buddha's compassionate care for all sentient beings one might please Buddha and use it as a token of gratitude.

Written in Chinese on December 6, 2003
Translated on December 11, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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