Profound Intention to Sustain Tantra

Yutang Lin

Transforming cognition into wisdom to sublimate five poisons,
Applying compassion wisely amidst lust, anger plus ignorance,
Merits of attainment harmonized to enable freedom anywhere,
Walking on ridge to sustain fortunate connections in the world.


People that have not thoroughly grasped the essential principles of Buddhist theories would tend to stay trapped in antagonistic mentality without self-awareness of the dualistic nature of such limitations. Buddhist tantra not only harmonizes theories and real situations but also applies practice to real-life situations; hence it transcends ordinary limitations by transforming the five poisons of lust, anger, ignorance, arrogance and doubt into means for liberation, and ultimately enables one to attain liberation amid sorrows of life. Of course, such practices are definitely not easy, nor are they within the reach of novices. Furthermore, due to the great distance between tantric practices and ordinary behaviors, and to the rare height of tantric attainments, for tantra it is not only very difficult to win the belief and respect of ordinary folks but even readily easy to attract misunderstanding and criticism. Practicing such an impenetrable path is certainly arduous; nevertheless, in order to sustain this fortunate connection for the world so that some beings would receive the special blessing of tantra I would not look any other way but, out of real Bodhicitta, to walk step by step forward on the thin ridge of mountain tops.

Written in Chinese on December 6, 2003
Translated on December 10, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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