Turbulent Flows

Yutang Lin

Opinions and arguments so variegated like turbulent flows;
Muddily mixed, mutually agitating, bar clarity or evenness.
Delusive thoughts all pacified, outside the arena of arguing,
Only then could the blue sky beyond dusty mess be noticed.


Muddy views form turbulent flows; swirling around to carry all into abyss of whirlpool. Worldly life is full of suffering rooted in karmic hindrances; only when delusions have ceased could one realize the benefits of renunciation. Abide steadfastly in the sky beyond dusts; Dharma rains would moisture the field of mind. Wash off the mud of worldly worries, then clarity would naturally prevail by itself.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 4, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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