Abiding by Dharma

Yutang Lin

Facing choices in life one should abide by Dharma;
Thus naturally transcending worldly considerations.
Unfamiliar with impermanence, still grasping a self,
Try to expel others from the Dharma learning circle.


A practitioner's actions or inaction should be in accordance with the principles of Dharma so as to avoid miserable worldly entanglements and mistakes born of ignorance. Some Buddhists, due to their lack of thorough comprehension of the significance of impermanence and selflessness, were still delusively grasping to personal preferences and antagonism to others, and consequently had fallen victim to the mentality and actions of rivalry and jealousy, and thereby had deviated from the right path of awakening and liberation. May all Buddhists upon facing choices in life have sufficient wisdom to abide firmly by the Dharma!

Written in Chinese and translated on December 4, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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