Universal Solution

Yutang Lin

Karmic Hindrances vary with individuals and propagate;
Taking care of each and everyone of them could not end.
Understanding general rules, cultivate universal solution,
One case representing all others, all led to enlightenment.


A Buddhist asked me, since learning and practicing the Dharma she had often been preoccupied with trying to reduce the karmic sufferings of people around her to the extent that she could not do much else; how then could she concentrate on Dharma practice per se?

Karmic hindrances of sentient beings are usually deep rooted and complicated. If we tried to take care of them one by one, in view of the limited life-span and energies we have, a significant result would be hard to achieve, and any ultimate resolution would be rather unlikely. Reasonable salvation must base on a clear understanding of the law of causes and effects. One abides by such an awareness and try to promote the idea to others so that society may gradually be purified. During this process, irrespective of varieties or distances of relationship, the salvation of any sentient being is to be looked upon as one case of the salvation of all sentient beings; and hence all are treated equally and in accordance only with the Buddhist principles. Thus, no matter how deep or shallow, enduring or fleeting connection there is between a practitioner and the beings in contact, the responses and initiatives are all born of concerns for the salvation of all sentient beings and are completely free from hindrances rooted in all kinds of entanglements.

Written in Chinese on November 28, 2003
Translated on December 1, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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