Yutang Lin

No self is hard to comprehend because of possessing a body;
Observe how things evolve to diminish sense of permanence.
In tranquil observation all things are ultimately just passersby.
Even if form and content were grasped, they are just channels.


Dharma teaches about the truth of no self. In general people could not forget that they do possess bodies. Instead of focusing on the body to argue if there is or there is not a self, how about following the flow of things to recognize impermanence. Breathing, drinking and eating continue to take place; evolution of body's constituents constantly moves on. All utensils and objects are only for temporary uses; the stream of phenomena never stopped at any spot. Even though it is difficult to renounce grasping to form and content, one should realize that they are merely channels for things to pass by. Whole life is just a medium for flowing by; ultimately there is nothing that could be retained.

Written in Chinese on November 28, 2003
Translated on November 29, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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