Power of Good Deeds

Yutang Lin

A lifetime's entanglements to be untied at once;
No wonder dying is such a painful undergoing.
Learn to rejuvenate early; open wind channels;
Good deeds accumulated help one to be at ease.


Ordinary people have countless mental and physical knots. When one dies the consciousness goes through a process of separation from the body. Thus the consciousness needs to go through all sorts of channels that are already blocked, stiffened and/or twisted, and thereby experiences tremendous amounts of pain and suffering during the undergoing. Only those who are fortunate enough to have realized the importance of practicing Dharma and have devoted their efforts to this endeavor could gradually untie those knots and entanglements while they are still alive, and gradually return to the original state of having open and supple channels and enjoying harmony of body and mind.

According to my own experiences, good deeds accumulated in life, especially those that are deeds of tolerance or yielding to help others achieve their goals, (this kind of deeds are in accordance with the practice of renouncing one's attachments), would form a power or strength that naturally sustains a state of ease and harmony for both body and mind. And this power helps greatly in rejuvenation of wind channels.

From this we could infer that bad deeds would certainly cast restraints on body and mind. Furthermore, affects of good or bad deeds on the body and mind of the performer must be immediate and inescapable, like shadows to shapes. Ordinary people could not detect such subtle and immediate affects that take place at deep levels, but can only observe evolution of events on a superficial level; therefore, some would mistakenly regard causal retributions as being difficult to verify.

Written in Chinese and translated on November 18, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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