Universal Rules

Yutang Lin

Dharma teachings and rules are universal;
As advice to others and reflection for self.
When not listened to, practice renouncing.
Return to natural state for self-awakening.


Dharma teachings are universal principles and rules for all sentient beings to escape delusion and attain awakening. While expounding the teachings, it is not only an occasion to benefit others but also an opportunity to reflect on oneself. When advices based on Dharma are not listened to, a practitioner should make use of the situation to practice forgoing of attachments and insistence, so that all would return to just a matter of the causal development in the universe. While sentient beings are floating up and down among life and death there is still the possibility of their gradual self-awakening to the universal truth.

Written in Chinese on November 16, 2003
Translated on November 17, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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