Grateful for Blessings

Yutang Lin

Dharma teachings and worldly matters take maturity to harmonize;
Facing choosing and forgoing one easily gets lost along the vogue.
Fortunately inspirational blessings have repeatedly been bestowed;
Single-mindedly following the Dharma without occasion for doubt.


Dharma is subtle and not easy to comprehend thoroughly. Upon full and thorough comprehension of the right views, actions in accordance with the Dharma could easily run counter to worldly ways. Therefore, when it comes to choosing and forgoing many are often lost in the flow of vogue. Fortunately we have been continuously blessed by Buddhas and patriarchs throughout the generations so that even nowadays all sorts of inspirational events are still happening constantly to practitioners and devotees. Consequently, both for advancement on the Buddhist path and for propagation of the teachings there is a common foundation of solid faith to build on. Thus appreciated, inspirational events are not only revered but also received with gratitude.

Written in Chinese on November 16, 2003
Translated on November 17, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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