Solving Problems

Yutang Lin

While theories not yet grasped, questions abundant;
Look into the basics for clear and adequate answers.
Confusing situations in life seem torturously painful;
To attain emancipation one learns to work out a way.


Questions on Buddhist philosophy or theories mostly stem from lack of thorough comprehension of fundamental principles, such as original purity, limitless oneness, mutual implication of wisdom and compassion, etc. Therefore, to look for answers to such questions, one should ponder on the implication of those fundamental principles. Difficult situations encountered on the path in real life, when viewed from the goal of attaining ultimate liberation, would become trials that need to be passed in order to attain the fruit of Buddhahood. Therefore, a practitioner should regard all difficult situations as opportunities to practice transcendence, and make good uses of them to learn to become skillful and resourceful.

Written in Chinese on November 7, 2003
Translated on November 8, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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