Inspirational Connection

Yutang Lin

Sincere prayers so minute, they seem hardly noticeable.
People far away witnessed the real situations in dreams.
Oneness of all in Dharmadhatu is originally just as this;
As soon as purity and clarity resumed, channel through.


Recently some Buddhists in Bei Jing and Maryland informed me that in dreams they respectively witnessed my scattering blessing nectars on them or praying for their wellbeing. A sincere prayer conducted in a tiny room unexpectedly could have channeled through to far away persons to incite inspirational dreams. Oneness of all in the Dharmadhatu is originally just like this. Mind is purified through long years of Dharma practices, and then intentions would channel through beyond the limitation of distances.

Written in Chinese on November 3, 2003
Translated on November 4, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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