Family of Karmic Creditors

Yutang Lin

Fighting over insistence is called "karmic creditors" in Taiwanese.
Minding only the knot of grudges to forget they are of one family.
In this world the spread of such epidemic is of such a great extent,
Whenever a deviation in recognition rises there is a split of family.


Outsiders see them as of one family; inside the walls and barricades are profound. Where could no partisans be found? Those engaging in mutual attacks are often immediate neighbors. Brief and transient lives are wasted in vain affairs; seeing through such matters one realizes that people are just making their own lives miserable. Wise ones would renounce hatred and grudges all together; in yielding and accommodating a close and warm family may emerge.

Written in Chinese on November 3, 2003
Translated on November 4, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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