Karma Bound

Yutang Lin

Situations of sentient beings couldn't be helped,
Only due to karma bound they could move not.
Past causes and recent deeds wove nets around;
Practice no insistence sooner to reduce tangles.


Sentient beings are in much suffering; such mires are difficult to get out. How did we get to this point, that we just could not make a move freely? Observe calmly and ponder over such matters carefully, one would realize that we are bound by karma. Past deeds and recent activities wove nets that ever tighten. Practice accommodating to situations sooner so as to reduce the pulling of tangles. The only sure way out of this mess is to devote oneself to the cultivation of Bodhi.

Written in Chinese on November 3, 2003
Translated on November 4, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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