Mutually Implied

Yutang Lin

Reality is in harmony beyond comprehension;
While verbal presentation seems of dual ends.
Empathy comes from appreciation of oneness.
Teaching non-self as compassionate salvation.


Wisdom and compassion may be regarded as two aspects of one. They seem distinguishable in discussions. Their realization is beyond thoughts and comprehension. At the level of intellectual comprehension one should correctly understand the reasons why they are mutually implied and inseparable. Wisdom sees no self, then all things are in oneness; consequently, there naturally arises a feeling of merciful kindness to all sentient beings. Compassion is not only ordinary sympathy but also empathy for sentient beings' suffering in transmigration and attempting to achieve their ultimate emancipation; therefore, it involves all sorts of attempts to teach the wisdom of comprehending non-self. Only when wisdom and compassion are thus comprehended can it be regarded as the right view.

Written in Chinese and translated on November 1, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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