Need Self-awakening

Yutang Lin

Unable to recognize the whole picture, play smart at a corner.
Inflexibly abide by established rules to miss rare opportunity.
Emotional tidal waves disrupt uniform practice now and then.
Limitations of predisposition need to wait for self-awakening.


Wisdom eye is yet to open; the whole picture remains elusive. Clever at minor points only creates extra hindrances. Faithfully abide by established rules without the comprehension to make adjustments to real situations, even when opportune opportunities are missed still insist on one's self-righteousness. Due to emotional ups and downs waves are stirred up even when there is no real matters; uniform operation is thus disrupted and energies wasted. Limitations that are rooted in each one's predisposition could hardly be affected by verbal teachings. Wait for their self-awakening with best wishes for their complete and thorough enlightenment.

Written in Chinese on October 24, 2003
Translated on October 25, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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