Wake up

Yutang Lin

What could be retained for a sun approaching the western hills?
How much longer will the glorious sunset add colors to the sky?
Silver hairs and wrinkled face still could not ring in awakening;
Continuing with the worldly way, busily preoccupied by trifles.


Ran into an old acquaintance at the market place; the whole face carved deeply by worldly entanglements. Situations of elderly persons as seen or heard, many are unbearably painful to learn. Impermanence not comprehended earlier enough, in mind only dead-end routes. Worldly snares and nooses are ever tighter, but eventually of no benefits. Soon engage in Buddhist practices to achieve peace of mind; definitely should not postpone again for a second!

Written in Chinese and translated on October 8, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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