Harmonious Unification

Yutang Lin

Daily life in complete accordance with Dharma teachings;
Thoughts and views no longer within worldly stereotypes.
Oneness of harmonious unification is not readily achieved;
Practitioners' views should, in the first place, be non-dual.


The ideal process of approaching Enlightenment is to gradually transform habitual views, activities and way of life that are self-centered into a life of comprehending causal conditions and relations, openness, and compassionate universal salvation. Due to all sorts of entanglements and hindrances that are rooted in individual or public karmas, this transformation is very difficult to achieve perfectly and fully. Wholeheartedly and completely exerting one's efforts into this quest might realize this goal in this life. For Buddhists in general, at least they need to be able to comprehend the Buddhist principles thoroughly in the first place, so that they no longer draw an artificial boundary between worldly sphere and Dharma realm, but to view all things universally from the Dharma point of view, only then could they reach the ultimate goal through devoted practices.

Written in Chinese on October 6, 2003
Translated on October 7, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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