Complete Dedication

Yutang Lin

Only through complete dedication can the wondrous be experienced;
Setting self-made limits for shallow tasting could never comprehend.
Even one thread of grasping to certain view could delay and stumble;
Stairways and ladders on the path originated from ignorant grasping.


Swimming or ice-skating requires oneness of body and mind to move around gracefully. Novices that still hold on to the idea of grasping to some support are hindered precisely by such attachments. By the same token, engaging in Dharma practices would gradually yield wondrous fruits only after complete dedication has taken shape. Any slight trace of grasping to views that pulls back or stumbles would block real progress on the path. In light of this understanding, stairways and ladders on the path could be recognized as established in response to various degrees of ignorance.

Written in Chinese on September 30, 2003
Translated on October 1, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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