Between Same and Equal

Yutang Lin

Viewing everything the same ignores the distinctions.
Viewing all things equally by releasing presumptions.
Distinction of same and equal rests on understanding.
Uses of words reveal polar degrees of comprehension.


Some would say that it is the same to say "viewing everything the same" or "viewing everything equally." In viewing everything the same all sorts of obvious distinctions are intentionally ignored. While in viewing everything equally the mind resumes original purity in the absence of mental activities that are dualistic and making distinctions. Viewing everything the same is still within the cage of cognitive awareness, hence relying on it will not free one from transmigrations. Practicing viewing everything equally would gradually release and eliminate fixed views so that one would gradually attain liberation. The distinction in using one word or the other reveals the polar distance between worldly and transcendental comprehensions. A popular saying goes: as an expert puts his hands into the matter, he would instantly find out whether it is genuine or not." The saying certainly applies here!

Written in Chinese on September 12, 2003 in Taipei
Translated on September 17, 2003 in Taipei

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