Key to Liberation

Yutang Lin

Helping through charity will soon run into limits;
As inner knots remain tied, one could not be free.
Recognize "self" as delusive, work to go beyond;
This is the key to one's clarity and peace of mind.


Charitable helps to others, as practices of generosity, are certainly conducive to enlightenment, and should be whole-heartedly praised and rejoiced in.

Upon careful investigation into its reality one realizes that such help could hardly assure long-lasting security. Donors as well as recipients alike, all have inexhaustible worries.

Therefore, one realizes to be appreciative of the key to attaining liberation. It is to recognize clearly that "self" is a delusive concept, and to endeavor to live beyond its illusive and detrimental nets.

Original clarity and purity is free from thoughts, open and tranquil. As soon as all selfish ideas vanish it will naturally reveal itself.

Written in Chinese and translated on August 3, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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