Repetitious yet Not Repetitions

Yutang Lin

Climbing up a mountain, similar praises made at various scenes;
Although similar phrases are used, views are at different heights.
My poems on insights and practices may seem all too repetitious;
Arising spontaneously from within, they are by nature diversified.


Just as people climbing up a mountain would exclaim admiration at various sceneries, even though the phrases used are very similar, the views are at different heights. My poems on Dharma insights and practices all arose naturally from within. The phrases and topics in general may seem repetitious; nevertheless, they arose from different depths of comprehension. People reading them would gain some points or insights according to their understanding of the topic and of the Dharma. May such propagation of the teachings spread without ending!

Written in Chinese and translated on July 30, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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