Yutang Lin

Single-mindedly repeat "Amitabha"; who could be so advised?
People's minds filled with pursuit of vanity; who would listen?
Now that the predicament renders other endeavors unattainable,
Make it the right opportunity for diligent chanting of Amitabha.


Worldly life is full of distractions; people could hardly appreciate the profound serenity of single-mindedly repeating "Amitabha," the holy name of Buddha Amitabha. Sometimes people would find themselves in predicament with nothing significant attainable; if they know about the practice of repeating "Amitabha," then they might as well make use of the opportunity to engage in this spiritual practice. Perhaps, with diligence, they could gradually experience the profound serenity therein.

Written in Chinese on July 14, 2003
Translated on July 15, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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