Yutang Lin

Entanglements of hindrances are led by karma;
Endeavor to dissipate woe to achieve harmony.
Even pray for foes to gain wisdom and fortune,
With spiritual maturity to enjoy peaceful living.


Living in this world one could hardly avoid entanglements of hindrances. One should realize that such unpleasant circumstances are caused by past karmas, and hence one's efforts should aim at dissipation so as to achieve harmony. If an antagonistic approach is adopted instead, then one would only become more perplexed, and the result would be deeper suffering for all involved. As a Buddhist one should even pray for opponents or foes to grow in wisdom and merits, and wish them to enjoy peace and good health, so that the knot of mutual entanglement would gradually disentangle from the root through expansion of perspectives and growth in tolerance.

Written in Chinese on July 14, 2003
Translated on July 15, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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