Liberation through Pure Goodness

Yutang Lin

Practice pure goodness according to Buddha's compassion;
Any harm done would render our supplications groundless.
Decades of accumulation of merits result in peaceful purity;
Equal salvation of all beings will benefit many on this basis.


The other day a Buddhist inquired about what to do in case his superior at work is asking him to engage in some business practices that amount to cheating for profits. I advised that he should leave such a company at once, so that later he won't be complicated in the consequences. For us Buddhists to obtain Buddhas' blessings we could only do good diligently to be in accord with Buddhas' compassion. If we do harm to sentient beings, how could we face Buddhas to supplicate for blessings? After I had replied thus to him I became aware of my mind's full of pure goodness, and realized that it is the result of practicing pure goodness ever since I began to learn Buddha's teachings. It is a natural result of diligent Dharma practices for twenty-seven years. Since it is difficult for novices to comprehend the long-term benefits of Dharma practices, so I was thinking of writing it down and making it known to the public so as to encourage beginners to devote themselves to practicing pure goodness. This morning while I was still thinking about this topic, with my eyes closed I saw a bird's-eye view of a large ship with its flat deck crowded with sentient beings (so many that they all appeared tiny). This is Buddha's teaching that practicing pure goodness would not only bring about liberation for the practitioners but also provide a compassionate vehicle of equal salvation to benefit many sentient beings. May all practitioners who aim at Bodhi for all beings share this encouragement!

Written in Chinese and translated on July 13, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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