Aiming at Common Interests

Yutang Lin

In the job market all join in competition for a position;
As Buddhists with good will to others, shall we resign?
Suitable persons rightly placed will be beneficial to all.
Praying for such results one stays away from partiality.


For livelihood one looks for a job; few openings for a multitude of applicants. If we pray for our own gains, we could not care for others' losses. If we wish others well and success, what would happen to ourselves? As Buddhists that advocate selflessness and altruism, is resign the only way for us to proceed? Following this line of reasoning we find both advance and retreat perplexing. Aiming at common interests we pray for all equally. May suitable persons be rightly placed; such a wish is free from partiality. May the world be peaceful and prosperous so that each will find a suitable position! As to renouncing worldly engagements so as to devote oneself solely to Dharma practices and services, the goal is also aimed at common interests.

Written in Chinese and translated on July 9, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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