Three-Kaya Dharma Seals

Yutang Lin

Gracious teacher's fine works would be presented as offerings.
Dharmakaya as if ignorant, Nirmanakaya as magical as dragon,
Sambhogakaya, boundless life, has neither beginning nor death.
May all sentient beings attain such enlightenment with my help!


Upasaka Wang of Bei Jing presented a hand scroll of a series of seals, that were carved by his gracious teacher, Mr. Yang, in such fine art, as offering to the Bodhisattva, the Dragon King of the Great Ocean (Pacific Ocean). Furthermore, he expressed the generous willingness to send all those seals to me as offerings so as to pray for all sentient beings' earlier enlightenment. In my reply I expressed my view that one should not gather too many good things so that others may share good things, and that, when one has in possession some good things, one should share them with those who could appreciate them so that those good things are put to better uses. Therefore, from among the twelve seals on the scroll I chose three and provided the following interpretation: "Ruo Chi" (As if ignorant) represents Dharmakaya because it seems to be knowledgeless and yet indeed it is omniscient.

"Wu Liang Shou" (Immeasurable Longevity) represents Sambhogakaya that transcends time and has neither beginning nor ending.

"Long" (Image of a dragon) represents Nirmanakaya because it displays inconceivable transformations, this is similar to dragons, to provide opportune conversions.

In addition, I prayed with the well-wishing: May the right cause for your future perfect attainment of the three kayas of Buddha be established through this offering of the Three-Kaya Dharma seals!

Written in Chinese on July 4, 2003
South Lake Tahoe, California
Translated on July 7, 2003
El Cerrito, California

Three-Kaya Dharma Seals

Three-Kaya Dharma Seals

Three-Kaya Dharma Seals

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Detong Dakini,

Please add the attached file, showing the carving of the poem on the side of the Immeasurable Longevity Seal as carved by disciple Wang Hao in Jin Wen, Gold Style, to the webpage posting the poem and the three seals.


This email is Bcc to all on my list.

May all beings attain Enlightenment soon!



Upasaka Wang and his wife wholeheartedly contrived and prepared through much efforts to have collected a big box of treasures for a Chinese literate study (brushes, ink, inkstone, seals, etc.), and mailed it to me. It arrived safely today. Thus the Three-Kaya Dharma Seals had arrived together. Upasaka Wang had further researched the ancient character style known as Jin Wen, Gold Script, to express his sense of preciousness, and used the style to engraved my Chinese poem "San Shen Fa Yin" (Three-Kaya Dharma Seals) on one side of the seal "Wu Liang Shou" (Immeasurable Longevity). His solemn and profound feelings are deeply felt by me, and I believe that he and his wife will certainly receive Buddha's blessings through such devotion.

Using the sheet with these three seals stamped by him I obtained a scanned file, and it is attached after this article so that all may share the enjoyment of their artistic flavor. May all who comes to see or hear about these seals attain Buddha's three kayas, and thereby universally save sentient beings!

Written in Chinese and translated on October 21, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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